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The first time we got to take Daryl home after 3 weeks in the hospital.
First day home from the hospital - Daryl with sister Nikita.

April 1996 - Daryl's first photo session at 2 months old!
Chad and Daryl watching TV - 3 months old.

Family photo, Daryl is six months old, 2 months before cranial surgery. Before and after is a real stunner!
The night before cranial reconstruction and brow advancement, Doesn't look too worried, huh!?!

Two hours after surgery. Surgery lasted 9 hours.

Two days after surgery

3 days after surgery. This is the first time Mom got to hold him after surgery.

3 days after surgery, Daryl came off the ventilator

Six days post-op - "You ought to see the other guy!!!"

Nikita & Daryl, Christmas 1996
6 weeks after cranial surgery - doesn't he look great!!!

A proud family who have been through a lot - Chad, Denise, Nikita and the new and improved Daryl!
Christmas 1996

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