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Daryl is a happy, well-adjusted young man.  He went through kindergarten with no difficulty at all.  Daryl adores his now 13 year old sister Nikita.  Daryl's hobbies are fishing, swimming, riding Powerwheels, riding his papa's construction equipment, and playing T-ball.  Daryl has lots of friends but his closest are from church.  They have grown up together.

Daryl & Nikita, 1997

Graduation from child development center, 1999 - 3 years old

Daryl and his closest friends from church after a "Build a Bear" expedition, 2000

Daryl's 5th birthday party at the bowling alley
February 2001

Daddy & Daryl
July 4th, 2001

Daryl working on his kindergarten homework, 2001

Nikita & Daryl
Christmas 2000

Daryl & Nikita
Halloween 2001

Daryl's first lost tooth!

kindergarten 2002
age 6

Daryl & his friends from kindergarten, 2002 zoo visit


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