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Logan was born March 24, 1990 with Apert Syndrome, he's 16 and goes to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for all his surgeries. He has had 54 surgeries on his hands, feet, skull, eyes and ears but is otherwise healthy. He had a cornea transplant in Nov 2005 due to corneal ulcers from exposure. He had a set back in March from an infection in the graft site but we're getting there. He has his third skull surgery/facial reconstruction scheduled for August. He's in 9th grade Learning Support class and loves high school. He is a avid music and electronics buff and just spends as much free time as he can singing and playing instruments. There have been many challenges with medical and school issues relative to Aperts but he continues on as happy as can be and patient with his mom. I've included some photos of Logan to share. Thanks! I've been viewing your website for many years and finally decided it was about time to share Logan's story with you all.


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