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Hello Teeter.

My name is Preben Wilsgaard and i am living in Norway. I'm nearly eight years old and have a brother and a sister. My brother is twenty and my sister is eleven years old. Norway is a small country with only 4,5 mill. people. When i was about one year old the biggest newspaper in Norway wrote a story about me and then i came in contact with all the others in our country with Apert syndrome. We have meetings every second year and our parents are often talking with each other on the phone. I think we are seven kids with Apert in Norway, two of them are twins, two lovely girls. I will try to send you two pictures of myself taken four years ago.

I hope you excuse my English, remember, I'm only eight.

Have a nice day!!!!!!!!

With love from Preben Wilsgaard
Furulia 3 
3070 Sande 

Updated pictures of Preben, family, and friends:


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