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Carlee is turning 5 !!!  Happy Birthday, Carlee!


Hey Everyone. This is an updated picture of Carlee who is now 4 1/2 years old. She is standing with Cher. We got to go to her concert and meet her backstage on February 14, 2003 "Valentine's Day". Carlee is doing great in the mainstream pre-k system and will start mainstream kindergarten this coming school year. I am proud to say Carlee has been surgery free since October of 2000. So parents of younger children that are having lots of surgeries and doctor's appointments.. It does get easier.!!!

Love Cristy and Carlee Williams


Hello!  We are the Williams family, Clyde (aka "Slick"), Cristy, Cody, Carlee, and Hunter.  We live in Orange Park, Florida, which is close to Jacksonville, home of the "Jacksonville Jaguars," which I am sorry to say aren't doing very well this year.

Carlee was born on June 4, 1998.  She weighed 6 lbs 4 oz and was 5 weeks premature.  We had no idea that Carlee was special until the day she was born.  We have loved her and spoiled her rotten.  She is now a very happy healthy 2 year old.

Carlee has a 10 year old half brother, Cody.  She loves him very much.  She also has a 9 month old baby brother, Hunter.  She loves him too, but has become quite a little bully with him.

We are glad we have met a lot of people through the Apert listserv.  We have been fortunate to go to Myrtle Beach, SC 2 years in a row and also to Orlando, FL to meet Apert families.

These first 2 years of Carlee's life have been filled with lots of surgeries.  She has had 5 major hand surgeries and 2 minor ones to remove ingrown fingernails.  She also had a cranial surgery at 10 months of age.  They did a forehead advancement at that time and released fused sutures so her brain could grow.

We are very happy that we were chosen to have Carlee.  She is truly a blessing.

Slick, Hunter, Carlee & Cristy
May 2000
Carlee, 2 years old
with her half-brother Cody (10)
Carlee, 2, and Hunter, 9 months
October 2000
"Floridians got to have their shades!"
Carlee, 2 years old
October 11, 2000
Day after hand surgery with her favorite "Teddy"
Carlee Nicole, 2 years & Hunter Lee, 9 months
Playing in our yard, October 2000
Carlee, age 2, our princess
October 2000
Carlee, age 2
October 11, 2000
day after hand surgery
Carlee, 2, and Hunter, 9 months
October 2000

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