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Read the original letter from Cissi's parents, Yngve and Lisa.

Hi! My name is Cecilia, but all my friends - not my parents - call me Cissi. I was born the 27th of February, 1982, in Nyköping, Sweden.
Here is a little map of the south parts of Sweden. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and the largest city. I go to school in Örebro. I am in the 8th grade in a special class for children with handicaps. I have all of my plastic surgeries done in Göteborg (Gothenburgh).
We live in a blue house on the outskirts of Nyköping, a small city 100 km south of Stockholm. Weekends when I'm at home from my school I often take my cycle downtown and go shopping.
Here is my dad, Yngve. He was born sometime back in the fifties. He is working as a teacher in the Nurse training program at the University of Linköping.
This is my mom, Elisabeth or Lisa. She is an Occupational therapist and is working in Primaly Health care in our hometown.
Alexander is my brother. He is 18 years old.
My sister Andrea is 8 years old. She's just begun 2nd grade in a local school.
Rossi, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, is a very important family member.
May 1982 - As you can see, I can sit comfortably! It isn't true - just after this picture was taken I fell down on the sofa!
July 1982 - The bed was more secure. As you can see, I'm able to raise my head.
My first step, 29 August 1983. The very same day Alexander learned to ride his bike. Fours years later it was my turn to learn the same.
Mars (March) 1987. A nice photo taken at the hospital, Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset in Gothenburgh after my Le Forte III.
I like horses and riding. I have taken riding lessons since I was 8 years old. In this photo I'm sitting on a horse called Carino.
In the wintertime I like to go ski downhill. Even though I've got poor eyesight, and go at a slow pace, it's still real fun!
In the summertime we often take our boat out into the archipelago. Bathing and swimming are fun, but it took a long time before I learned to swim. It is easier to float on a rubber mattress.

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