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Hello friends on the web! My name is Evelyn Ulrich, and I was born on May 25th 1984. I have Aperts Syndrome. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and enjoy many things. I have two older brothers, and one older sister. I have two dogs and one cat. I had a sweet Bombay kitten, but she passed due to surgery complications. When I was a baby, up to four years old (I think. Donít quote me on that.), I had reconstruction surgeries on my skull. My fingers and toes are still fused, but I am fine with it. I prefer them this way. Also, a rarity in Aperts, my elbows are also fused, but I just have to do things a little differently. Hey, Iíd rather be me then everyone else! Then, due to complications of anesthesia, I developed short bowel syndrome. I also had ear tubes, and wore hearing aides until I was 16. By some miraculous thing, I regain full hearing in my left ear, but due to nerve damage from infections, I only have 10% hearing in my right ear. High school was okay, just a lot of bull headed people, and I am a lot more at ease after I graduated.

I go to school part time and work part time. I enjoy both very much, and when Iím not doing those things, I like to participate in Ray Graham programs (raygraham.org), play with my animals, do photography, listen to music (Simple Plan is my favorite band), read, write, sketch, watch movies, go out with my mom (whom, is like my backbone), do crafts, and many other hobbies. I strive to do the best in everything I do, but if I am not good at something, then that is okay. I am not perfect, none of us are, but be who you truly are, and that is the most important thing. I am a very accepting person, and everyone has a special purpose in life. No one blocks my goals in life, and they never will. We are all different, for the ones who have physical and/or mental challenges, we just have to push a little harder in order to accommodate positively in life.

I like meeting new people, even, if I am a little shy. Please send me an email if you like!

ulrichevelyn@yahoo.com. Talk to you soon!


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