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Hey guys wass up?  Well my name is Alex Rodriguez and I live in Miami FL.  I am 25 years old and also I am a Latin guy who is from Cuba and Chile.  Just to let u guys know I am going to put up my pics on the web page so u guys can see my looks from when I was little until now.  U can also email me and tell me something about your kids or any ? that u will like to ask me.  I will be happy to let u know about me.  Well I am the best friend of the Sapps and Dan Alliott and his family.

Well let me tell u guys about me.  I have aperts and I am really happy about my looks and also I don't really like when other people make fun of the kids that have apert and it makes me feel bad cause they might think we can't do too much, but that's wrong.  We can do a lot!!  I have done a lot in life.  I went to school everyday and I graduated from High School.  I was a good student.  I am sweet and nice.  I love kids.  I am an outgoing guy that likes to go out and party or do whatever is fun in Miami or any place.  I also like to sing and just to let u guys know I am a DJ and I am going to have my demo out by next year or my mixing on my turn table.  I did my rapping at the Myrtle Beach last year.  I might not go this year, but I swear I will try to go next year to the beach and hang out with the kids that have aperts.  Well right now I am going to just write down some of my lyrics of my rapping, u know my singing thing:

The year of 1979 through 2004 I was a little baby back in the day when I was born so as I didn't realize that I have aperts.  So when I got older I asked 'y was people looking at me?' so I found out that I have apert syndrome and when I was little my bro was always there for me.  He kept me happy and looked out for me, but now when I got older I don't really care what people think about my looks.  Now I am just thinking about how other kids feel when they get picked on in school or any where. 

Well I have to go now so I will have some more on my demo later.

To Be Continued...............

here is my email address so u can write me a letter

your friend

Alex R.  nickname A Rod

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