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Zachary was born on July 22nd 2005 at Morgan Hospital in Martinsville, Indiana.

Prior to his arrival, we did not have any knowledge of Apert’s Syndrome. In fact, we thought we were having a healthy baby boy since the ultrasounds did not show anything wrong. During delivery, I will never forget the doctor telling me and my wife, “The baby has some problems”

We had no idea on July 22nd, 2005 our lives would change forever. Zachary was transported to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis where he spent the next 7 days in NICU. On July 29th, we packed up our oxygen tank, heart monitor, feeding tube supplies, and all of our faith, and made the 50 minute journey home.

Since he has been home, the feeding tube is gone, he has a thumb and pinky on both hands and his development is going very well. His big sister, (or little mommy as we call her), has been a great asset with helping out around the house with her brother. Zack has wonderful grandparents, Aunt’s and Uncle’s that are always there to help out.

Molly was the first grandchild on my side of the family. She was born in October of 1996. After she arrived, 6 more grandchildren were born before Zack came into our lives. We always joke, since Zack is the last grandchild, there was no doubt that he would have to make a statement when he came into this world! What a wonderful gift he is. Zachary Park Piercefield is our special gift from God, and we are honored that God trust us with his special gift.

A very special thank you to Don and Cathie for all they do!














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