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Hey whats goin on guys. I thought I should bring you all up to speed on the things going on in my insane but rather productive life. First and foremost, Kelly and I are no longer together. We split up I dunno about a year or two ago. Were still very close friends, and talk pretty much every day.

In other news, I live on my own now, no roommate, no nagging mother. Just me, my self and I. I like it that way. In 2010 I enrolled at Specs Howard School of Media Arts, to further my educational studies I finished the Digital Media Arts program in the Fall of 2011 with a 3.0 GPA. Needless to say I've got a certificate/diploma in Digital Media Arts. I've come to realize that being unemployed isn't getting me anywhere and I've developed an interest in the production aspect, of filmmaking. So I hope to kiss Michigan buh bye, and head to Hollywood and make it big in the film biz, within the next five to six years.

As for my hobbies. I'm still very much involved with grave hunting. If your interested in checking out what I'm doing with the grave hunting hobby, feel free to check out my blog on the Gravecast blog you will find grave hunting related podcasts, which I host, produce, & mix the audio. Along with graveside documentaries where I showcase the gravesides of anyone famous, infamous, or notable, while complimenting the film with voice-over narration, photos, etc. The blog is pretty much a growing portal for anyone who is interested, or wants to learn about the hobby I'm passionate about.

In the Spring of 2011 I flew cross country to Los Angeles, and met up with some friends of mine who are grave hunters in the Los Angeles area. I was in the area about eleven days, and had one hell of a smashing good time. It was my first time visiting Los Angeles. To make a long story short I rented a car, and stayed with my moms cousin who lives in Anaheim, I was pretty much on my own, and did my own thing during the trip. I found an insane amount of celebrity gravesites with the help of my friends who live in and around Los Angeles.

The reason I'm telling you this story, is that just because I've got Aperts Syndrome, doesn't mean I have to be a homebody, or recluse all the time. I've pretty much got a vibrant social life, I smoke cigars, and a hookah (middle eastern water pipe), while I don't have an insane amount of friends, I've got enough friends who are like family to me. Hell, the only thing that got me around, other than the car I rented in Los Angeles, was the GPS system on my phone. No one drove me, and I pretty much did my own thing. If you have any questions about my life, what I've been through, feel free to friend me up on Facebook, I'm friends with several people from this site (Cat, Don, Kelly) just to name a few, or if you want you can email me, I'm a very approachable person.

Josh aka "Cigar Josh", "Mr. Morbid" & "The Morbid One"


Hey my name is Josh, I'm 25 years old. I'm from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan Sterling Heights to be exact. Like all of you on the site and who ever is viewing this page I was born with Apert Syndrome. I'm sure you all know what the side effects of the disorder are so I don't think I have to go into that... But anyway I wear hearing aids in both ears over the years I've gotten used to living with the disorder. Much like you I was made fun of in elementary school, and middle school... But then came High School I pretty much kept to my self. I even still talk to a few people I went to High School with online.

Things I enjoy doing in my spare time which seems to be most of the time during the day include researching military history. I have a website its pretty much a work in progress... Other things I enjoy doing include smoking cigars, and tobacco pipes, taking care of my German Shepard mix Katrina survivor dog Ruby she's my baby I just love her. Other things I enjoy doing include hanging out with friends getting involved with other hobbies off and on. I can't make up my mind on what I'd like to do hobby wise... But for the time being I'm in the process of going back to school at a local Community College here in suburban Detroit. I'll probably transfer to one of the local universities here in about two years. I plan on majoring in either History or probably something to do with computers. Well I don't know what else to add... But if you'd like to talk to me feel free to email me at if you do decide to email me be sure to put Apert Syndrome in the subject box so I know what to look for... Hope to hear from you soon...



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