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Hello to the wonderful people here in the Listserv,

I am Mr. Federico B. Araniego Jr.- the godfather of Alejandro S. Penaco , an apert baby who is 10 months old now.I wrote you maam and sir because of my determination to help my godson. He is now growing so fast and we are very thankful on that but there is a problem that we need to be alrmed on the fast development because of its deformities after then. The doctor advised us for Alejandro's soonest operation on his head...The family Penaco is in dire need and they could not finance the expenses which they will be meeting along the ways. Thanks that i have the chance to be here and this really brightens and lessens the burdens because i have the community to share with this.Maam and Sir, i am humbly asking your financial support on this matter . Or if you could find a generous benefactor to help us fight this problem we really need all your help and prayers on this. Thank you very much for the time and rest assured that my prayers also will be yours and for all of us in this community. You may contact me at, I would be very happy receiving your response on this thank you very much

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Federico B. Araniego Jr
Secondary School Teacher -1
Labo National High School
Ozamiz City, Philippines 07200


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