Jake's Page


Jake helping out at Gillette Children's Hospital fundraiser, June 2005

Fun on the water

Jake Niemi
November 2000
3 years old

Taylor, Jake, and Hannah Niemi
October 2000
Jake is almost 3 years old

"I am lookin' for Blue's Clues"
Jake, Hannah, & Taylor Niemi
Halloween 2000

"My favorite big sister"
Jake & Taylor Niemi
October 2000
(Jake is 3 weeks post-op of 2nd brow advancement)


surgery day - 1/26/98
mom & dad waiting very nervous

Jake w/mom & dad immediately after surgery on 1/26/98.
What a change!!

Jake 2 days post-op 
moved out of intensive care 24 hrs after surgery - yea!!

Jake Niemi 4 mos 3/98 2 mos post op

Taylor & Jake Niemi
Taylor 2.5 years
Jake 4 mos 3-98 
Jake is 2 mos post-op

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