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December 2009, Christmas party, Zoey is 12.

pre-Christmas party 2009

Zoey wins 3d place in bowling at her Special Olympics ceremony. Oct-ish 2009

Halo from Dr. Fearon, just before the 2nd surgery to remove the device. Sept 2009

From right to left: Zoey's G'pa, Zoey, Zoey's Mom, Sister, and little brother. Sept 8, 2009,
night before surgery in Dallas.

1st day of 6th grade, Zoey and her big sister Tia. 2009.

Zoey with Tina and Jade

Zoey, February 2000 with her trach

Zoey 3 1/2 without her trach
August 2000

July 2000 - Mom, Zoey, & Tia

Zoey was born on January 18, 1997 in San Antonio, TX.  She had a tracheostomy at 3 weeks old, which was recently taken out on March 24, 2000.  She was a pretty sick baby, but every year got better and better and now she's a "normal", active, intelligent, healthy 3 year old girl.  She goes to school half a day and has everyone there charmed into believing she's an angel who's never into any trouble!  A joy to raise, a pleasure to know, I thank God for allowing me to watch over His little angel here on earth... although I never know how long He'll allow me to do this, I treasure every day.  Please enjoy Zoey's pictures and hopefully someday Zoey will get to meet other kids and adults who resemble her.  God bless!

Christina Mathis


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