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Tom and I decided to try for our second child when our son, Colin, had turned 2 years old.  After only a couple of attempts I was positive that I was pregnant...even though the tests proved me wrong.  I went to the doctor's office anyway, and found out that I had an ectopic pregnancy.  I was rushed to the hospital and surgery was performed to remove it...I ended up staying there for 4 days due to some complications.   

When I did leave I was told to wait for about 6 months before we tried again.  After the 6 months was over I got pregnant right away.  Everything was going along very well, until I was checked for diabetes and it turned out that I had gestational diabetes.  Although we tried, a diet did not help so I had to take insulin shots for the rest of my pregnancy.  

I had about 5 ultrasounds due to the gestational diabetes and the ectopic pregnancy.  Nothing showed up, escept for what they called a nasal notch nose, this they told me was just a feature of her face.  Things were going well, and according to my doctor I was having a very normal pregnancy.  My doctor wanted to induce me one week early because of the size of my first child (8 lbs 5 oz) and having the diabetes usually made large babies (I am only 4ft 10 in. tall).  Well, the first time did not work and neither did the 3rd, but the 4th time (1 week over my pregnancy) did.  5 hours later Paige was born (6 lbs 10 oz - huge uh?).  

No one noticed anything was wrong...they just handed her over to me, being a mother the first thing you do is count the fingers, you can imagine my shock!!!!!  When they took her from me they noticed she was beginning to turn blue...they rushed her from the room to get her some oxygen.  Things after this point became a blur.... I do remember sitting in a room with a lot of doctors talking...but I could not focus, all I kept thinking about was paige, and what was wrong with her. 

After they stabilized her they took her in an ambulance to the Mass General Hospital where she was diagnosed with Apert Syndrome.  She stayed in the NICU for about a month but the day we were to take her home they discovered that she had malrotation of the small intestines.  Not a characteristic of Apert Syndrome, just an extra bonus.  

When she was released to come home they gave us a class on CPR and sent us on our way with an apnea monitor.  What a wonderful machine this was...I had to control my husband several times in the middle of the night not to throw it out the window when it accidentally went off.  

Paige has had about 15 surgeries since then with a few more on the way (what an understatement that is).  But, like all of our children, she always keeps this beautiful smile on her face, and what a beautiful face it is!!!!!!!!  She is my joy and inspiration.............she is my little angel sent from above.  How lucky we all ar to have been sent these gifts from heaven.

Love, Sheila, Tom, Colin, and Paige

At the NICU in Mass General Hospital 2 days after she was born

Colin just loves his new baby sister - her 1st christmas 1994 2 months old

A day in the sun!!

Surf and sun - Paige just loves the water

Paige is Dorothy on Halloween 1997


1st day of school Sept '98

Daddy's little girl

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