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Hi, I was born on the 4th of July at Ata Rangi Maternity in Hastings New Zealand. I was born with Apert Syndrome.

I am the youngest of three boys. My mum and Dad were expecting a "healthy, normal" baby. Then I popped out. One of my brothers was there with them and his main concern was that I came out backwards and that mum had lost a lot of blood. (go figure). Mums reaction wasn't too good,  She thought I was ugly and handed me to my dad, who thought "this is our son, and were going to love him just like the other two". Well within two or so hours Mum had come round, and there was no way anyone was able to take me away from her.  We (mum and I) (oh by the way Mum is writing this as I'm only 6) Mum and I spent two weeks in hospital, only cause I wouldn't suck.  But I had a cleft palate what did they expect...

I have a wonderful medical team they are like my second and third family. I spent a lot of time in and out of hospital due to breathing problems, I had a tracheotomy operation when I was 6months old and mum and I spent a month in Auckland Starship Hospital. That was no fun for my mum as I was just learning to say gandad. Then there was silence. I had the tube in and out for four and a half years. I had a specking valve put on, but after my first tube was removed for a couple of months then returned, I couldn't tolerate it. But found a way to get my voice heard. I have delayed speech now, but am fast catching up.

My Dad left when I was 8months old. which is sad for me as I don't know him. (This is me in front with my mum and brother Jim. and my mums mates)

I have had lots and lots of love and support from my Mum, Grandparents and family and friends. This includes the nursing staff at Hastings hospital,and starship & kidsfirst.  The doctors I have are so cool, They tell mum how it is in plain english.  To date I have had the following surgery
Tracheotomy 6mths
Forehead Advancement 10mths
Release of Index fingers/Straighten of thumbs 1yr3mths
Release of Middle/Ring fingers with bilateral groin flaps 1yr10mths
Cleft palate Repair 2yrs10mths
Tracheotomy Replaced 3yrs2mths
Distraction Osteogenesis-Facial Bones,1st stage. 3yrs8mths
Exploration of Osteotiomusa to Face & completion of Osteotoma(midface)3yrs8mths
Removal of metalware & implantal of Resorbable Spacers.3yrs9mths
Tonsils/ paschal Adenoids out 6yrs1mth

This doesn't include sleepstudies/Laryngoscpys/Bronchoscopys or my pulling the trachy out and having it put back or 3D CT/MRI scans done.

Anyway this is just a bit about me and when my Mum has finished sorting my photos out you will be able to see what a blessing I turned out to be for my Mum and brother/s.

Hope you enjoy reading about me and my family and about New Zealand as we are a beautiful wee country.


This is Sam with his birthday cake (6yrs). He just love's Blues Clues. (very hard to find here in NZ).

This is Jimmy and Sam standing by the side of the road waiting for me to change the car tyre so we can head back to Napier,  This is along the Napier Taupo highway.

Sam climbing up one of the many tasks at a local park in Napier (NZ).

Sam up the cherry tree at his nanna Lea's place, he has just learnt to climb.

Sam with his two older brothers. Andrew, Jimmy &Sam. They get on so well with Sam, Sam has a lot of time for Andrew as he doesn't see him very often.

The garden with the deers, candy canes, and bits and bobs for Christmas.

Sam getting ready for this Christmas, painting a sleigh for the deer to pull, He had a lot of fun this year getting ready, It's his first Christmas where he is finally able to identify what things are like Santa, stars, deer, snowman, trees, still not into gifts, but enjoys seeing all the lights and candy canes in the garden.

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