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Courtney and her mom.

Hi there, my name is Courtney, and here is a little about me, told through the words of my mom, because I am only 3 years old.

I was born in February, 1993. After I was born, my parents were lucky enough to have been at a hospital where they knew what Apert Syndrome was. They were very nice and told them how to get a hold of Childrens Hospital in Seattle WA. When I was about six weeks old, I was at a doctors appointment and the doctor had noticed a heart murmur. I was then put in contact with the cardiologist at Children's Hospital. Everything was sorking fine for me at the time so the doctors just wanted to wait on any repairs that had to be made.

At a couple months old I went to Childrens Hospital again to meet all the doctors whop would be on what the call a craniofacial team for me. The first three or four attempts at my cranial advancement didn't work. I was sick a couple of times and twice I had been put under for surgery and went into respiratory failure. So after a lot of tests and stuff, I was put on a nebulizer, and that really helped with my breathing. So the next time I was all better they were able to do my surgery. That was in the summer of '94, then in '95 I had two hand surgeries to release my fingers. I had both hands done at once, boy was that tuff, but when the first surgery was done I really wasn't feeding myself yet anyway. It was fnny crawling around the house banging my casts on things. When it was time for my second hand surgery, I was feeding myself, it took a little while to get used to having two big bandages on, but I still was able to drink from my cup and eat stuff. I had really dirty bandages but my mom washed them often.

I just recently had my heart repaired. Went through open heart surgery, and came out just great. Had in done on a Monday, and was ready to go home Thursday, but they kept me until Friday (you know how they do that). And well, I've been playing with my brothers and climbing on the furniture ever since.

I can't wait for my birthday....and I can't wait to add more to my page. Thanks to my friend Teeter, and her great mom and dad. My mom likes to talk and write letters, so please E-mail if you want a pen-pal. Thank you again...

Love, Courtney

Courtney on vacation with her family

Courtney as a small child.

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