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Welcome!  My name is Mechelle, I am the wife of Tim Holt, and the mother of Chelsea (5 years) and Courtney ( 9 months).  Courtney has Apert Syndrome.  She was born June 3, 1998.  We live in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Tim and I got pregnant on the Norplant (with a year left before it was to expire).  During our pregnancy I experienced a hemorrhage beside her.  The cause was not known, nor was it worried about by two different doctors.  We ha 8 ultrasounds in which nothing was detected.  The blood test that "was suppose to come back positive" ( due to the hemorrhage) came back negative for any birth defects.

Due to premature contractions, I left work in February 1998.  I was in labor for 13 hours and 24 minutes.  She was born weighing 7lbs. 3ozs. She was 21 3/4 inches long. She wasn't breathing, she was in distress. After Tim cut the cord, she was hooked up to blow by oxygen.  They took her out of the room immediately, I had no clue as to what was going on. The only thing I had been able to see was her hands, and they were fused.  At 2pm, I got to see her for the second brief time.  The hospital transported her to another hospital at 2pm.  I was finally released at 7pm, to go and be admitted to the hospital she was in.  On June 4th, a geneticist came in and said "We think Courtney has Apert Syndrome, and she also has a cleft palate.  We had no clue as to what either one of these terms meant.  So, we were given some educational material to look at.  She had DNA testing done.  Which came back positive for Apert.

After taking a CPR, and Apnea monitor class, learning how to feed her through a cleft palate bottle, and 11 days in NICU we were allowed to bring our baby home.

Courtney was born with type one hands.  Her index, ring, and middle fingers were  all fused.  Her pinky fingers were webbed.  As of this date, we have had three surgeries.  One cranial and two hand, which consisted of tubes in her ears. We are so thankful to have found Teeter's page!  It has been a wealth of knowledge for us. We thought we were alone!

Easter morning, 2000

Courtney Holt, taken at her 2nd birthday party
June 3, 2000

Chelsea and Courtney
Christmas 1998

Christmas 1998

Before Surgery
June 1999

Courtney, June 3
reading her birthday card

June 30, 1999
day of operation

July 3, 1999
Bi-canthel post-op

Courtney enjoying her toy
after bi-canthel advancement

3 days post-op

Courtney & Mechelle (Mom)
Taking a train ride with Tim (Dad) and Chelsea

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