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Mom and Jordan 9/97 - This was one of the first days I got to visit after I was released from the hospital. Both of us are looking like we could use a vacation! Jordan's still a little yellow - luckily he worked it out on his own and avoided the tanning bed.

Dad and Jordan - Poor Dad so tired from a very long week of trying to make sure Mom & Jordan were going to be ok, plus having to stop in at home to let the other baby out to potty (puppy Alex)

Look at all that hair! Still have that pesky O2 on - turned out to be reflux...which was/is our biggest obstacle so far, but he hasn't had any surgery yet.

Jordan happily sleeping - resting up for when he gets home.
Mom & Jordan, both improving. With his hat on, you can't even tell he's got that big forehead. We think he's pretty cute. He's still sleeping quite a bit - that's all he did in the hospital. He's saving it all for when he got home. Now, Mom & Dad & Jordan are all home all the time!
10/31/97 - Look how he's grown! Ahh... the Great Pumpkins of the world unite. He looks like a fat Frenchman dressed up like...well, a pumpkin. Please feel free to laugh at Jordan's expense - we did!! He's already trying to talk at 7 weeks! He's one crazy baby and we think he's great. Hence, he's our Great Pumpkin!!!


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