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She was born on February 17, 2004 at the Bulacan Provincial Hospital. Her mom is Judith Joy Gaoiran and her father is Ian Harvey Gaoiran. She has a elder brother named John Henry Gaoiran. When her mom gave birth to her, my mom is the one who took care for them both and of course her husband.

When the time she have delivered Shanti, she thought she was just dreaming when she saw Shanti's hand. And then the doctor told us that they don't know if Shanti can live longer because of her situation. The doctor didn't encounter yet that kind of syndrome and he didn't even know what it is and because of this, Shanti's mom was so sad that she didn't even want to see Shanti because it will only hurt her because of what the doctor said that she'll no longer live. She have to breast feed Shanti, although Shanti was so hungry she didn't even plan to visit Shanti.

Her father was crying and didn't know what to do. He almost loses his hope. But were there to support them..
After a few weeks, Shanti was transferred here in our province Cavite because the relatives of her father can't accept her and she was called "tyanak" a baby monster. But of course this is so hard for her father and mother to be separated to their daughter but it will be the best for Shanti.  Although we know they (her father's relatives) can afford to support Shanti's medical expenses, they didn't give any. They are so greedy, that's why my family (Shanti's mom's relatives) decided to help and contribute what they can to help her.

She was confined to the hospital many times because of her asthma.  On the morning of December 26,2005 around 6 a.m. we almost lost Shanti. She had a cough and cold but we didn't expect that it was worst. She's having a nebulizer and then suddenly she stops breathing and then to the hospital were all crying and praying that she'll be fine. Her color almost turn violet but the nurses at the hospital was able to revive her.
and after that were so thankful that she still with us.. And we love her so much. 

Shanti was also scheduled two times for the operation on her hand but it was always postponed because of her asthma and fever. Because it is a public hospital it's not that clean that's why she's always having viral infection.
and then we browse to the internet to understand more about Apert syndrome. And the we saw Teeter's page and contact you.. Then we (kuya, pol, and me) started mailing each other and gave us hope that we can do something for Shanti.

She's friendly but she finds it hard to deal with other children because they are always frighten at her..
She's so intelligent and talkative but the doctor said that her mental development is 6 months late. And we're doing our best to teach her.  And now. we're hoping to make it there!!!

Thats all!!



The Gaoiran Family

Shanti - 1 day old

Happy Birthday!

Shanti & brother John

John & Shanti

Shanti at the Manila Zoo

Shanti's 2nd Birthday


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