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The first time I saw Jolene was when I went to Adopt Us Kids. When I saw her face I knew I LOVED her. I got my husband and boys to come see and they thought she was adorable. We made contact with her Worker and it seemed like a lifetime before we finally got the call that we had been the Family Chosen to Adopt Jolene. It took almost 3 yrs from the first contact to getting her home with us.

When I saw her picture I thought she had Down syndrome, but after reading about her and seeing she had Aperts (Jolene also has Shaken Baby Syndrome) I began to search the Internet for information. This is when I found Teeters Page. What wonderful information we found. We made plans to go see Jolene as she lived in AZ and we were in Missouri. We made our flight plans and hotel plans to go make our 1st visit in August 2005. We got to our hotel and we meet up with her Casa Worker Paul, he took us over to Momma Mary’s house to visit with Jolene.

We made plans to come back to visit and play with Jolene while Mary went out for a little bit. She loved to pick up blocks and stack them. She and Mike had a blast. We took her out to Breakfast, and she had many stares. We didn't care as she was so happy. We were there about 5 days but we didn't make a decision to adopt her until we knew we had all her Resources available where we lived. We were sure that there were no children in Kansas City who had Aperts but then we found that in AZ the Drs. had only seen Jolene. She was the only case they had. SURPRISE!

I called Children’s Mercy and they told me that they had several children with Aperts. I was so relieved. I called our School to see if all her needs could be met, and yes they could, they could provide her with Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy while she attends School. I called the Hosp. to see about having Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy done for Jolene over the summer. What was so great not only the Therapist at the Hosp worked there but also at the school she would attend. Jolene not only has Aperts but she has Shaken Baby Syndrome she had a stroke that has caused problems with walking. She is drawn up on the right side but she does use her right arm and hand more. Jolene also has a shunt. After the research I felt we had all we needed and contacted some friends and family and talked about our decision. We knew that this little girl would need a lot of support.

What a blessing for us. We drove out to get Jolene the end of Nov. 2005 and on the 2nd of December we got her home and put her in her new bed. God was so good to us. We stayed in 3 hotels and she slept through the night without a problem. When we got her home she went right to sleep. We had taken our 13 yr old son with us to go get her, we had our pickup full and the U-Haul full as well. Thank goodness for the extended cab. The two of them played and Stephen fed her food. She played with his feet and hair. Giggled and laughed. She never cried for being homesick. God was with us all the way. Jolene has never shown any kind of Separation Anxiety at all since we took her to bring her home.

Momma Mary had Jolene since she was 3 1/2 months old and had seen some of the worst surgeries for Jolene. We feel that Jolene’s personality came from Mary. Because of Momma Mary, Jolene has turned out to be the most beautiful little girl, with such happiness, and personality and strength. We all love MOMMA MARY. She has become a second family to us; we always call and send Pics to each other.

Jolene is now 6 yrs old. She attends kindergarten and the children are wonderful to her. Jolene does have an IEP she attends regular class part of the day and she has Special Education part of the day, she has Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy several times a week. Jolene loves to be in the school plays and has so much fun. The Christmas play this past year Jolene did not have to have a para stand with her or hold her, she stood on her own. It was awesome, the happiness shown on her face as she sang the songs all the other children sang.

Jolene attends Church she goes to her Worship Class and her Sunday school Class. She enjoys it so much. She has become pretty famous at our big church, I cannot believe the people who will come up to her and say, "Well theres Jolene, how are you? She will say "fine". (her Para has been working on this for awhile and shes doing very will with the word "fine" tho Daddy would like her to say "Groovy". I am trying to discourage that for now.) When we watch Church on tv she will put her hands in the air and praise as well. Its so touching to see her do this.
She loves to go shopping. This girl is a girl for sure. Jolene is our only girl. We have 3 sons, 26, 21 and 16. I have 2 sisters and they all have boys. This is the 1st Granddaughter on my side. My Mom is 82 and she adores Jolene.

Sometimes I wish we could have gotten Jolene when she was that little 1yr old I saw in Adopt Us Kids but I am so thankful that we finally did get her. It has turned out to be a wonderful Journey with her. She keeps us busy, she keeps us laughing. She shows so much love to us and to others. Jolene has learned to keep her tongue in her mouth to give kisses sometimes Dad has to remind her and her tongue goes in and lips are closed and she gives BIG KISSES. Jolene has learned to say I LOVE YOU! sometimes its hard to understand but we know what she is saying. She still gives those great Hugs but most of the time they come with several tight hugs and pats on the back. We do so enjoy this from our girl.
God Bless you all. We hope to hear from you soon.

Michael & Paula Flores
Daddy & Mommy
Our little Angel

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