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A lot has happen since I last updated: There is no plans for any surgery so Iím still retired which I enjoy every summer! I still have all the stares and pointing every time I go out.

Iím still a athlete over 10 years! I play 4 sports with swimming being new this year. Iím still a big fanatic of President Ronald Reagan, I went to California to see his Library and what a blast I had, I wish I could stay to close but had to leave.

Two of my favorite things to do is, Basketball and watch old TV shows! Iím thrilled I was born in the 80s, those days you had Three Company or Golden Girls even happy crew from Brady Bunch, they still there and I love to go back to those days. Basketball I love it, I even love being the point guard passion that my favorite one. I could be playing all day-if mom let me!

My family doing good, my sister is in college and doing well. My brother is a senior in high school and he also a member of the band at school, me? Doing well keeping myself busy. And last our little white terrier name Ty who is very spoiled. I guest that's it. Any questions just ask but please do. Thanks


In Washington, DC

At the beach

Gifts from The Price Is Right

at CBS, The Price Is Right show

Proud Republican!

Look at me!

One day old

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