La'Jada's Page

Jada and family, 2001

4 years old, school picture

Daddy and jada, 1st Father's Day 6/1997

Jada's cat Snowball

Jada's 5th and Nikki's 2nd birthday

La'Jada 2/9/97

Jada loves to pose for the camera!

La'Jada, Mommy, and Kevin Sharp
1 1/2 years old, 9/18/98

First Easter, 1997, with Daddy

Jada's first Christmas, 10 months old.
December 25, 1997

Jada with her little "mitten hands" 1997

Corey, Jada, Nikki, Grandpa, J.C., William
Visit from Grandpa from New York

Christmas fun 2001

Tweetsie Railroad, 9/2000
Right before hand surgery

Jada 4th Birthday, Nikki first birthday

Thomas, Mikki, Karen, Jada, J.C., Corey, William
Niagra Falls NY family vacation, July 2001

Easter Hunt 2000

Jada leading her class in the Pledge of Allegiance, 5/8/02

Jada with brothers William, Corey, and J.C.

GREAT spaghetti, May 1998

Jada's still a little wobbly at 15 months

Christmas with Grandma, December 2000
J.C., William, Jada, Grandma, Nikki, Corey
Grandma passed away September 8, 2002.  
Jada says that she is in heaven with Snowball.


Lajada at school, 10/25/02 - 5 1/2 years old

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