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Kai Lin was born in 17th Jan 1997. She is our first child. She had her first head operation when she was 3 month old. The second head operation was performed when she was 13 months old due to the rapid bone fusion.

She had a left hand operation when she was 8 months old and followed by the right hand. Only four digits were created on each hand. She also had the cleft palate done when she was 18 months.

She is loving but with a stubborn attitude. Only things she is very lazy when it comes to writing. Her hobby is watching Barney's program and sing song or rhyme. And her favourite words are "What to do today ?" And then she will give me a choice of either "go outing or also go outing".

Right now she is attending the normal nursery school and next month she will also be going to special school for OT/speech therapy.

2 months old, before the operation

1 month after the head operation

7 months old

Having a fun time, age 1 year 2 months

Picture of Kai Lin showing left hand operation done and right hand before operation

2nd time head surgery in intensive unit when she was 13 months old.  Her head fused again.

The third day after her head operation

This is the first year we celebrate Christmas.

Kai Lin having fun at the beach, age 3 years 4 months

Family outing at the beach

Kai Lin celebrates her 4th birthday!

This is my nursery school uniform

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