Jasmyn's Page

Hi! My name is Jasmyn Marie Smith Boczkowski. I am 14 years old. My hobbies are horses, dog training, music and video games. I have one older brother. His name is Daniel. He is in the Air Force. He is a Fireman. I have two older sisters. Ona is in law school in Massachusetts. She works really hard. Michelle lives in Vermont and works on an organic farm. She loves music and goes to lots of concerts. My Dad, Steve, lives in Georgia. He loves to hike and hunt. He's great. I live here in California with my Mom, Patti. She's the best Mom I've ever had.

Having Apert's is sometimes easy, but other times it's hard. It's easy because I am just like any one else and I can do just about anything. It's hard because I have surgeries and then the healing process. I have had 13 surgeries so far. It's also hard because a lot of people sometimes stare at me. I have learned to just go about my business and try to ignore it.

I like to go to Sea World and Disneyland. I go all the time. If I could go anywhere in the whole world, I would like to go to Africa. I would love to see what it is really like there. When I get done with school, I want to work with animals. Mostly dogs. I hope to breed them and have my own training school.

I just started high school. I am a freshman. It is a little scary. All I want is a chance to be all that I can be. Anyone got any advice on how to survive high school???

I am glad to be a part of this group and have the chance to get to know so many great people.

God Bless All, Jasmyn



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