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Hello we are the Baldwin Family from LA., California and our daughter Morgan Simone has Aperts. Two weeks before she was born, on my normal weekly check up the nurse measured my stomach and thought that I was overdue because my stomach was so big. The nurse said that she had a bad feeling and made an appointment for me to see a specialist that day. An hour later sitting in the specialist office with my husband who rushed from his job to the hospital when he got my call that there could be a problem; we found out that there was something wrong with our baby whom we knew at the time was girl. The doctor did not know what exactly was wrong, but he did mention that something could be wrong with her head, and we would just have to wait until she gets here to see what the problem was.

Needless to say the two weeks before she came were the most anxious two weeks of our lives. We wanted to maintain some normalcy so we would not upset our son Justin who was two at the time and very excited about the baby in mommies stomach. It was all I could do to drop him off at daycare and say goodbye to him before I cried all the way to work. I still could not believe what the doctor said, but when I think back my stomach was really big, but I just thought that was the way you carried a girl, I was just happy that is was my stomach and not my but, which grew really large when I was pregnant with my son.

Two weeks later my water broke and I went to the hospital. I went into labor and everything seem to be going good, which made me think that the doctor made a mistake. When her heart rate dropped and the doctor said that I had a lot of amniotic fluid I started getting worried again, but nothing prepared me for the emergency caesarean and everything that followed.

When she came out I heard this loud, sassy scream and I thought ok, the doctor did make a mistake, that cry came from a strong healthy baby, I then heard the doctor say multiple abnormalities and my heart broke into a million pieces. She was rushed to the ICU, I did not even get a chance to see or hold my beautiful baby girl. In the recovery room, I had a chance to see my husband and my family who were all trying to be strong for me, but I saw sadness in their eyes, which were all red from crying.

In my room were doctors, social workers, counselors and who knows who else, trying to explain to me what was going on with my daughter. Of course my husband and I thought it was something we did, after reading and doing the research and accepting that we did not do anything to cause this we moved on to doing whatever we needed to do to make sure that our daughter received the best medical care possible and that is what we have been doing.

Because I was extremely soar and to be honest, not really knowing what I would see when I went to the ICU I just did not go. When one of my friends commented on how beautiful she was, I did not know what to say. When I mentioned to my friend that I was scared to see her, she told me to stop feeling sorry for myself and to get my but to the ICU and see my daughter. When I saw Morgan lying there and saw her eyes and that little smirk of hers my heart melted and mother and daughter joined forces. After that day, I was at the ICU everyday. It broke my heart when I had to leave the hospital without her, I would cry every night until she came home and our family could be complete. The day she came home, we never looked back, just forged a head with our new life with our new beautiful baby girl.

Since her arrival, Morgan has had craniofacial surgery, two hand surgeries and a surgery to repair her cleft palate, which was the worst one because she stopped breathing and had to be rushed to another hospital in an ambulance, but other than that she is a champ who is loved by all who meet her. Morgan has a wonderful pediatrician and a top rate craniofacial team. We could not be happier with the medical attention we are receiving and with how well she is doing and we continue to pray for her continued progress.

Morgan goes to daycare where she has a lot of friends and gets a lot of love (her grandparents spoil her to no end). Justin, Morganís big brother loves her and is very protective of his Morgan. Morgan is not walking yet but she has no problem scooting around and walking is just right around the corner. So far Morgan is a happy child and we canít ask for more than that.

We know that Morgan has more surgeries to come and we know that she will handle them like she has handled the rest, with guts and strength that some adults donít have.

I used to ask myself why did this happen to my child, what did I do to cause this, now I donít even care why or how Morgan came to be just as long as she is with me and the rest of our family that is all that matters and what is meant to be. This is what I do know, I am totally in love with my daughter and she is mine. Mine to take care of and love and help to grow into a strong, smart and loving young lady and I gladly accept the challenge because she is worth it. Morgan picked the right family to join, one full of love, hope and courage, right now that is enough.

Please take care of yourselves and your families and check in from time to time to see what a wonderful daughter my husband and I have.


This page was created September 13, 2007

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