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Nick is the Grand Champion of the 2002 Stepping Stones competition at Monroe County Fair!!

Nick at 3 months
Nick was born May 3, 1990.  He weighed 6lbs. 9 ozs.
My pregnancy with Nick went very well, but much to our surprise, he arrived a month early.
Nick arrived by c-section and needless to say, we were in for another big surprise.
He was born with apert syndrome.

As he was being cleaned up, I asked my husband 
"Did you count his little fingers and little toes" 
I did not get an answer. 
Moments later the doctor introduced Nick to me.
I cried and cried for this little baby that had medical  problems that the doctors at the 
Morris Hospital could not diagnose.

Nick at 5 1/2 months, 
2 days before cranial surgery
Hours after his birth, Nick was sent to St. Francis Hospital in Peoria 
where he had 8 days of tests run on him.  At six weeks of age, 
Nick was taken to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. 
There he was tested some more and it was discovered that he 
also had hydrocephalus.  Nick had a shunt installed when he was 
four months old. Luckily so far we have had no problems with it.

On October 26, he had his cranial release and forehead advancement. 
When he was brought out of the operating room was probably one of 
the most frightening times of our lives.  His little head was wrapped and 
terribly swollen.  We felt so helpless.  But he came through this like a 
trooper and was back to himself in no time.

His hand surgeries started when he was nine months old and he has had 
eight or nine to date.  He has three fingers and a thumb on each hand. 
Nick has also had a couple of eye surgeries. 


Nick at 11 months
Nick is a very energetic boy.  He loves all kinds of trucks and tools. 
One of his favorite things to do is help his dad when he is working in the garage. 
On garbage pickup days, Nick is a common sight to see.  He enjoys taking all 
the neighbors garbage cans back to their houses.  In the past Nick has been in 
Cub Scouts and earned his wolf badge.  He also played on a soccer team last summer.

Nick has a married sister and just adores his sister's husband.  Nick enjoys bike 
riding and swimming.    In all, this child with his differences was definitely placed 
in the right home.  We love him with all our heart. 

When the Lord decided to bless us with this son, 
he blessed our home with the sun always shining.

Written by Judy Amerman on April 18, 1999.

Nick at 15 months

Nick at 3 years old
first day of school
June 1993

Nick Halloween 1994
4 years old

Nick & Jenny 1995
Breakfast with Disney characters

Nick - 5 years old

Mom, Dad, and Nick 1996. Nick is 6 years old.

Fun at Myrtle Beach
June 1998

Nick and Daddy
May 1998

My little racer

Big catch at Lake Shelbyville


Midwest get-together, July 1998

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