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We couldn't believe it but it's happening and it's a miracle. Angel is going to America for her surgeries!!! On the 2nd or 3rd week of October 2006 we were applying for a Visa. Margaret from the Apert Listserv solicited from her friends and gave us money so that we could apply for the Visa in Manila, Philippines. It was my first time to ride an airplane. We were very happy that we get the Visa and nothing can stop us now. We are going to America!!! Meanwhile, Steffi Inocentes, a filipina we met from Cappskids who has a beautiful daughter named Sofia who also had CVR solicited money from her friends. It was really overwhelming because it was a large amount of money that we can use with our stay in America.

We departed for the United States last October 28 sponsored by Philippine Airlines Foundation. We arrive in Los Angeles and it was very cold. Glad that we found out a day before the flight that i have a distant cousin who is 1 hour away from Los Angeles. He fetch us at the LAX Airport and drive us to Marriott Hotel in El Segundo which was sponsored by World Craniofacail Foundation. At the hotel Angel was finding herself in a new environment. When Angel can't see me she cries. The next morning we took a flight to Dallas sponsored by American Airlines Miles for Kids in Need Program.

We arrived in DFW airport at 1 pm there we met Margaret and Elizabeth. I can't believe it!!! This is real!!! I only see them in pictures and they are real people!!! I was like dreaming!!! We proceeded to meet our Filipino Host Family the Bardeloza's in Carrollton, Texas 20 minutes away from Dallas. There Church Praise Christian Fellowship sponsored our stay. The first 2 days in Dallas was very hard for me because Angel had a high fever and she won't go to anybody. I also missed my family, my wife Eva and my baby Ashley in the Philippines. It's the first time I traveled outside the Philippines and away from my loved ones.

On Novemeber 1, 2006 we had appointments at Medical City Dallas Hospital.Glad that Margaret, Elizabeth and Pastor Joff from the Church was there to accompany us. And then we met Dr. Fearon at The Craniofacial Center. When I first saw him I was amazed. I can't believe that I am seing him. I only see his picture at The Craniofacial Center website. I was speechless. As Dr. Fearon was explaining about what has to be done to Angel he saw me so silent. Dr. Fearon asked me what I was thinking and I can't say anything I broke in tears of joy. I was so happy to see Him and I know that they were the ones who made a major contribution in our apllication at Medical City Dallas Hospital for charity care. Then we went to World Craniofacial Foundation and met Sue and Marna. They are the sponsors for Angel's food, milk and diapers. We also met Tracy Romano who is the Patient Coordinator at Medical City handling Angel's case. I was so happy meeting these people because I only knew them in the internet.

On November 2 Angel had her first surgery the first release of her fingers and toes. Angel also had her ear tubes. When I saw Angel after the surgery I was so sad to look at her asking why this has to happen to her. i was so sad and all alone. It was a long long wait for Angel to recover I missed my family very much and the Bardeloza's are too busy with their business so I am always alone in the Host Family's house. After a few weeks I was very happy to know from a friend in Hawaii that our neighboor Elmer Tejano from the Philippines 10 years ago is here in Mckinney that is 30 minutes away from Carrollton. I called him and they visited and invited us to their house. There we met Elmer's mom TJ who immediately loved Angel like a Granddaughter of her own. There Angel found her old self and that was when I was taking all those youtube

On December 2 I was so so so excited to wake up because Eva is arriving!!! Pastor Joff, Angel and I fetched Eva at DFW airport. I was so happy to see her!!! Thank you to all who donated to made by Allisson Rowland and Margaret from Austin, Texas because that took care of Eva's ticket and to Apert International who donated too.

On December 8 Angel had her Cranial Vault Remodeling. Eva and I were so worried to what might happen to Angel because Dr. Fearon told us that there might be a possibility that Angel might not wake up but he said it never happened to him. Eva was crying inside the holding area where nurses will get her for the surgery. And so the surgery went on and it was so hard waiting for hours wondering what might happen to Angel. At last the surgery is over and it was a success. We were so very happy. We were also very happy to meet filipina nurses at Medical City Vikki Luna and Emma Ortiz who shared their blessings to Angel.

On December 9 CCA Kids had their Christmas Party and I was so happy that we were able to meet our Apert Listserv friends Ashley, Olivia, Kristina, Brisa, Elizabeth and Seth. I also met previousy Dustin who send Angel lots of toys. I only knew them in our Apert listserv in the internet and it's like a family.

Angel had a swollen head and it was kind of hard to see how she is doing but that is normal after skull surgery so we have to deal with it. As Angel was recovering from the first and second surgery Elmer and his mom TJ, Sister Lai Mendoza from the Church, Raquel Duterte from the Philippines and Yu Hong from the Listserv gave us a good time in Dallas. We celebrated Christmas with the Bardelozas and New Year with Elmer. I also called Amy of Capps who was the main person responsible for all these to happen. We were so very happy for all these kind people. Angel really can touch their hearts. Angel is really an Angel.

On January 16, 2007 Angel had her surgery final release of her fingers and toes. We were so very happy to meet another friend from the the Apert Listserv Jack Smith at Medical City.

Last February 7 Angel's cast are off. Angel now has 10 fingers and 10 toes. We are so very happy and it's so cute. We can't belive that we made it through all this. It's a miracle and we are overwhelmed with happiness. Thank you for all those who helped.

On February 24 we will be going home and we are very excited to see baby Ashley. We will be going home happily and will share Angel to the rest of the community. Upon arriving I would like to inquire about Angel's development and what to be done I hope we could afford. As for Ashley we would like to teach her to love and respect her sister very much. Like Dr. Fearon told us we will be enjoying Angel like a normal child until she's 5 to 8 years when she needs more surgeries.

The memories here in America will last forever and to those who helped thank you very much for being an Angel to my Angel. I know someday you will be touched and blessed by an Angel.


It has been 7 months now since I posted angel’s page. Many things have come to our life. There were ups and downs, good and bad. But the best thing is that Angel changed our lives.

Due to my lack of knowledge about Apert syndrome, I told you before that Angel need not for surgery. But upon joining the listserv and researching about Apert syndrome, I found out that Angel needs lots of surgeries for her to be mentally developed and to have self confidence in her. Thus, the search for medical aid.

Last March 2006, I posted on different local and foreign support groups and media. Some responded and some did not including our own listserv. I was persistent and never gave up. Until finally Tamara introduced me to Georgette. Georgette was very helpful in giving me more support groups that I have not known and gave me instructions on how to post. She led me to different websites like Cleft Advocate which I am presently active and of course Capps Kids support group where I met Amy.

Amy without hesitation told me that Angel will be taken cared of. I was very happy and excited. There seems hope for my Angel for her surgeries. Amy searched all organizations that could help and send me all application to fill out. We had lots of applications filled out and were very lucky to find a local physician in Dr. Cavan help us fill the forms and the most promising is the application from World Craniofacial Foundation and Medical City Dallas hospital. Amy was able to convince Dr. Fearon to offer his services plus Dr. Fearon offered to help our application with Dallas hospital. We were very happy but the wait was very long and many more things happened.

My wife gave birth to Ashley, Angel went in and out of the hospital, I got and lost some jobs. It was a long wait. My family kept praying and praying that someday we will receive an email that we are approved with the hospital.

On September 2, 2006, Dr. Fearon told us that he heard a word that the hospital approved our application for charity care. We were very happy!!! It’s a dream come true. I posted on the listserv and thanked everybody who helped. Thank you everyone!!!!

Margaret J from our listserv generously offered to help us with our stay in Dallas. She was able to find a host family, solicited food and money and gave us enough so that we may be able to pay the visa fee and expenses in Manila. Margaret J also shared our story to Allison who in turn made a very nice blog for angel.

Allison made this blog so that my wife Eva could be able to come to Dallas for angel’s cranial vault remodeling which is the hardest surgery that angel will have to take. The blog is so beautiful.

After Dr. Fearon told us about the hospital it was still a very long wait for the letter from the hospital to get through to make it official. We just prayed and were patient. Dr. Fearon told us to contact directly to Tracy the patient coordinator handling angel’s case. Thanks to Tracy we were able to get the letter the first week of October.

On October 16, 2006 we had our interview at the US embassy. I was very tense because all the hard work we’ve done and we will just get denied. Here in the Philippines it’s very hard to get a visa because they will think that we will not return. And yes!!! We got the visa!!! We were very happy!!!

On October 18, 2006 Amy told me that the World Craniofacial Foundation approved our application and will take care of our flights to Dallas and back. We are very lucky. Angel will have her surgeries!!!

Right now, we are preparing ourselves going to a foreign land. It has been a long journey of mine seeking medical care but for Angel, it is just the start of her journey with her surgeries to face.

Thank you for all the people who were involved in making this happened and to my family for the unending support…

8 months

11 months

Angel's birthday & Ashley's christening

Ashley's christening

Nice earrings!

My family

Time to rest

Ashley & her cousins



Hi !

I’m a parent of a baby with an Apert Syndrome. I am a member of the listserv. I would like to post my baby girl, 5 months old now who has Apert Syndrome. Her name is Angeleah Polyn Estrera Toribio, but we call her “ANGEL” for short because we believe, she’s an angel sent to us by God.

Here is my story….

I am Leopoldo Toribio Jr.,from Cebu City, Philippines. My wife’s name is Eva Leah.

My wife’s first few months of pregnancy were alright until on her 8th month, we noticed that her stomach was irregular in shape. We had it checked by a midwife coz here in the Philippines midwives can conduct a pre-natal check-up. We were informed that there seems to be 2 babies inside – meaning – it could possibly be twin babies. We weren’t surprised at all because my wife’s family history have twin or triplets born. However, we were very excited. To confirm our excitement, we had it ultrasound for the 2nd time. (To note, her 1st ultrasound was when she was on her 4th month & the doctor have not recognized any irregularities of the baby at all).

Anyway, the result of the ultrasound was very shocking to us. We were informed that her hands are webbing (syndactily) & she has a “frontal bossing” (or in layman’s term – big head?). We were even imagining the worst. We were all shocked, I most especially. How could that be? Where did we go wrong to have a baby like this? There were many questions running into our minds but still we end up on praying & hoping that it is really not it.

On October 8, 2005 at 2:08 pm, my wife gave birth. Thanks God, my family, friends & relatives were there in the hospital to support us. It could have been more painful, depressing & shocking if we were all alone in this very moment & if we didn’t have the idea on the condition of our baby. At that time, baby Angel was fighting for her life because of her breathing problem. The staffs in the hospital would even call her survivor & fighter. She was confined for a month in the NICU of a private hospital here in the Philippines. As expected, a huge amount of money was involved in her hospitalization & medication. I and my wife almost gave up on her. But again, thanks to my family especially to my mom & to my sisters who are always there to support us from the very beginning & even until now. Good for you there in the US, you have your government that could support cases like this.

Finally, after a month of hospitalization, Baby Angel was discharged & we brought her home. Everybody was excited to see her. We have her christened. We introduced her to our friends & accepted her. We love her so much cause she’s the only “special baby” we have in the family. Now, she’s 5 months old & very healthy. We had her CT scanned & results showed that she doesn’t need any operation at all. There were no signs also of increase intra cranial pressure. The doctor said, her skull will eventually closed (from top to the back) at 6th to 8th months old. We did not have any medical problems on her since going out from the hospital. She is our angel & our lucky charm as well. Again, thanks to my mom because if it weren’t for her maybe my angel wouldn’t be here. To my family, especially my sisters and my mother in law as well. But most of all, thanks God for giving Baby Angel to us. I know God has a purpose for giving us this special kind of a baby.



Dad, Mom, and Angel during Christening



My Angel sleeping

Angel at 5 months


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