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Theodor was born April 2nd, 2006. He was 57 cm long and he weighs 4610 g. Our family lives on an Island on the west coast of Norway, not so far from Aalesund.

We didn't know prior to his birth that he had Apert Syndrome and, we we’re scared and in shock. How long will he live, is he all right inside? Our hospital had never seen this syndrome before and didn’t tell us much. Kristian, Theodor’s father found out about this syndrome at the internet and it made us calm. And our precious little boy showed us that he was very strong!

After many doctor appointments, we found out that Theodor has a mild version of the syndrome. He doesn't have a shunt, respiratory issues, or any problems with his heart, liver… etc.

Theodor has not had any operation yet, but he is going for his forehead advancement very soon.
Theodor has one brother - Thomas who was born in 1999 and one sister Thea who was born 2002. Theodor loves when his brother and sister are playing with him. Then his smiling with his big cute smile and he laughs all the time!




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