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Ashantiís surgery was February 2, 2004 at Childrenís Hospital of Birmingham. Dr. John Grant and Dr. Jeffrey Blount are wonderful! She was 10 months and 1day when they did this 6 hour procedure. But she did GREAT (my little super trooper). Ashanti was back to her old self the 2nd day, and we were home February 5, 2004. Everyone was pleased at how well she did, and she never got real fussy or clingy. She did swell a lot, but both eyes never swelled shut, just one of them. When we did get to see her it was unbelievable. She looked the same but different and I was so glad it was over. The next journey will be her hands and feet. For all the others preparing for surgery just remember to pray, because itís left up to God

Ashanti's first Christmas - 8 months - December 25, 2003

Ashanti in the recovery room
Day 2 - Ashanti & Mommy

Day 3 - Laying in my pillows

Day 4 - The morning we leave the hospital

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